“ OCEAN MODELING & ACTING ACADEMY “ conducts a three months comprehensive course in Film and Television Acting that

Opening -up Exercises
Memory Exercises
Elements of Acting
Action Problems
Imagination Exercises
Voice Culture
Diction and Language
Improvisation (Theme )
Sense Memory
Reaction Timing
Acting Techniques
Truth and Belief of an Actor
Theory of Emotions
Physiology of Emotions
Improvisation (Emotions )
Voice Modulation and Variation
Character Study / Character Improvisation
Subjective Study
Scene Study
Camera Practicals
Animal Study
Film / Television Orientation
Song Picturisation
Guidance & Stepping Out


Our training deals in enriching two complimentary aspects required to develop an actor . One is introducing the actor to various techniques and skills and the second is enriching his /her sensitivity through various exercises and processes which enhances his/ her imagination ,creates awareness ,makes him/her resourceful and emotionally rich. With his/her intelligence and right grooming, the actor finds the right combination of the two complimentary aspects(i.e.technique and sensitivity) that suits him/her and hence discovers his/her own craft or his/her method of acting .

In the view of this approach wherein a high level of interaction is a must between actor and the trainer , we at ‘Ocean Modeling & Acting Academy’ have strictly limited the strength to twenty actors in a batch.

Ocean Modeling & Acting Academy has designed the entire training keeping technical execution in mind so that our actors are absolutely camera friendly after the training. Another important quality, which we intend to inculcate in our actors is enriching sub-conscious, raising their self-esteem, strengthening their self-belief and instilling in them the attitude that they are ….

After the successful completion of training ,the graduated actors are awarded a certificate by the institute, acknowledging the same. The institute conducts a convocation ceremony and invites all the passed out students to be handed over the certificate by some prominent personality from film and television fraternity

Theatre Wings
Film and TV is a director’s medium ,while theatre is an actor’s medium. Theatre as a platform helps an actor to drill and know himself/herself more to be able to adapt to the director’s vision or requirement in film and television. In view of this , the institute has its own THEATRE WING ,so that our trained actors, depending on their inclinations and suitability ,can keep on honing their craft . The institute doesn’t charge any additional fees for that. We conduct two workshops and stage one production every year at a commercial auditorium where important personalities from film and television industry are invited to provide an exposure to our students.

The institute provides each student two t-shirts free of cost as a uniform for the classes. Additional t-shirts may be purchased from the reception at the nominal cost.

We do help all our trained actors to prepare for the auditions for any professional work that they might be seeking.

Script Work
We also conduct special workshops and research work for our ex-students for the preparation of the script of their professional assignment (a film or a tv show)

Outstation students are expected to arrange for their accommodation at their own cost .However, the institute helps students in finding comfortable arrangements within their budget. We have our network of ex-students and agents for paying guest accommodation, sharing accommodation or rented flats.

Eligibility & Procedure
Applicants seeking admission for the course should be at least 16 years of age and should have a minimum qualification of S.S.c (10th) or equivalent.
The applicant seeking admission may properly fill the registration form through Office or Website . Upon successful submission of the application, the applicant shall receive a mail/call confirming their registration . The applicant thereafter has to deposit by cash at the office or send a draft of rupees eight thousand only drawn in favour of OCEAN ENTERTAINMENT , as the registration fees towards the confirmation of their seat ,since the batch limit is restricted to twenty students only. This amount of rupees Rs. 8,000 shall be adjusted against the course fee and the applicant shall have to pay the balance amount at the time of admission. The registration form and brochure can also be collected from the institute.

The fee for the entire course is rupees 28,000 only. Registration fee is Rs. 8,000 only.