Every girl wants to do makeup. But they do not know about makeup properly. Because of which when applying makeup on the face, the skin starts to look somewhat dry and lifeless. So it is important to follow some makeup rules. When you do this, then your face will also look natural and makeup will remain on the face. One of these is to apply makeup base. So let’s know why it is important to apply primer.

Beauty Tips

Makeup on the face should begin with serum. Because when you apply the serum, the moistur reaches inside the skin and the skin looks hydrated. Also, the makeup does not look like a cake on the face.

Primer or base

The base of the primer or makeup should be used after applying the serum. But never apply primer on the entire face, but whenever you want to start the makeup, apply it only on the part where the pores look more open. Also, do not apply it with cream like palm, but apply it with fingers.

Advantages of applying primer

If natural glow and soft skin is to be seen on the face, then apply primer. Also, by applying primer, the skin of the face looks uniform and a good base is prepared for further makeup. Applying the primer also hides the wrinkle and fine line and adds a great look.

If you think that applying primer will look like a mask on your face, then you think wrong because after applying it you will realize yourself how smooth and light the skin has become. Also, the most important thing about the primer is that like the concealer and foundation, it does not come in different shades for every skin tone, but there is the same primer use for every skin tone and skin type. This is what makes it different from other makeup products.



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