Height 5.3″ & above
Between 16-under 25 (As of 1st December, 2018)
Single, Unmarried and Not Engaged

Jharkhand Citizen


‘Jharkhand Princess’ – Through this contest, we want to extend the concept of Beauty which reveals one’s personality to the remotest part of the state, in fact the ground objective behind this Beauty Contest is to explore and to bring for the most beautiful and integrated part of girls personality.
Initially we have limited this contest to the age group between 16 -25 years, since we don’t believe on false vanity we have highly methodical and a very strict process of selection through which the whole personality of a participant would be tested and revealed, in our panel of judges we have very distinguished person from various fields of Acting, Beauty, Journalism, Fashion, Sports, Doctor & Administration, etc.
About Jharkhand Princess
The success of Miss Bihar spurs Ocean Vision to further the boundaries, this 12th Year round.
Now this Year (2018) – A newly beauty contest launch for the State of Jharkhand named JHARKHAND PRINCESS
For the participants, Jharkhand Princess is a launch pad for making their mark in the modeling world, or to make their presence felt in national or international Beauty Pageants.
For the Corporate World Jharkhand Princess presents a golden opportunity; in terms of the tremendous mileage, attention and excitement the event generates. As a market savvy corporate, what better showcase can one hope for, than Jharkhand Princess.
Jharkhand Princess has been conceived and created with a vision to create a Platform for the Young Talented Girls of Jharkhand in the World of Fashion and Glamour..
And The Jharkhand Princess Beauty Pageant has been doing its mite to showcase the beauty and talent of this city.
Behind this high profile pageant (Miss Bihar), since 2007 is Ocean Vision; an event management group from Bihar/Jharkhand/U.P/Delhi. Having notched impressive successes since 2007 with this mega event, The Miss Bihar Pageant has, over the years launched many a fashion career which has set catwalks on fire, graced celluloid and merited prime time On Television.
The EventMap
Jharkhand Princess is a beautiful journey not only for the participants but also for all the people involved in it. The Event starts with the Recruitment Phase, where in extensive publicity is done to invite Fresh faces of Jharkhand to Participate in the contest.
The Campaign is to reach each and every nook and corner of Jharkhand. The campaign will include College Promotions, Hoarding, Newspaper Advertisements, Road Shows, Handout Distribution, Posters, etc.
Once the girls apply for the contest all of them are called for an Interview where a panel of judges interact with them and select the best 25 for this year. Once the 25 are selected they under go a rigorous training session involving who’s who of Jharkhand.
The Selected 25 Finalists are Trained by a group of Professionals (Bollywood Fashion Choregrapher & Mentor of Susmita Sen- Miss Universe – Mr. Kaushik Ghosh) In the following :
1. Diction & Stage Presence
2. Diet & Nutrition
3. Grooming & Etiquette
4. Hair Care
5. Make Up
6. Mock Shoots
7. Music & Dance
8. Physical Fitness
9. Ramp Walk
10. Skin Maintenance
After the extensive training is over the girls will be presented to the Press at the Press Conference.
Press Conference
At the Press Conference the girls are presented by the choreographer along with the other trainers. The Trainers will talk about how they trained the girls and what the out come is. The Press Conference will be attended by all the leading publications of Bihar as well as the electronic Media.
After the Press Conference is the time for a Photo shoot of all the girls at an exotic location.
Photo Shoot
The girls will be caught on Video as Well as Camera. These Photos will be used for Judging the Miss Photogenic contest. After all the training and shooting it is time for the Sub Events where the different aspects of the woman are highlighted and judged.
The Sub Events
1. This event is organised to select the Girl with the Smoothest and the most Glowing skin among all the contestants.
2. This event is organised to select the Girl with the most perfect figure among all the contestants.
3. This event is organised to select the Girl with the Sexiest Walk among all the contestants.
4. This event is organised to select the Girl with the Most Charming Face Behind the Camera.
5. This event is organised to select the Girl with the Silkiest and Smoothest Hair among all the contestants.
6. This event is organised to select the Girl with the most Dreamiest & Enchanting of all eyes.
Once the Sub Events are over the Girls will go into the Finals which will be the real acid test. They will have to present them selves to the huge crowd with 10 darting eyes of the Judges and also to the Huge Press entourage.
The Finals
The Finals of Jharkhand Princess is the biggest Fashion Extravaganza and it is publicized as such inviting spectators to visit the venue and witness the crowning of the queen.
The Event will include Introduction Round, Casual Round, Ethnic Round, Written Round and the final Question Round. The Girls will be judged by an eminent Panel of Judges who will be a part of who’s who of Bihar. The Finals will attract a huge crowd of nothing less than 3,000 people. The Final will be witnessed by the cream of society along with top Journalists, Movie Producers, Television Serial Producers, Modeling Agencies, Advertising Agency Gurus, Major Corporate Heads, Event Managers, etc.
The Finals will be organized with a lot of fan fare. Renowned Artists will be invited to entertain the gathering in addition to the contest.
Coronation Ball
Jharkhand Princess Coronation Ball is an event which is organised immediately after the Finals. This event is a party in honor of the winner. The Coronation Ball is a chance for the press and sponsors to interact with the winner and know her better.
The Event is Conceived, Promoted and Produced by Ocean Vision.
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