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Why do I need to join a Modeling Academy?
Knowledge is a process.
B-Schools assist in becoming a Manager.
Med-schools assist in becoming a Doctor.
Therefore a Modeling Academy will assist you in becoming a Model.

Are Models born or made?
In life everything is achievable if the mind wants it bad. Yes, the height, proportionate body, face and speaking skills are important. But proper grooming, training and passion can definitely up the chances.

OMA, The Modeling Academy, is training and grooming academy for all those who wish to enter the field of Modeling and especially beauty pageants.

I don’t have a professional portfolio.
It doesn’t matter. You can send a simple photograph.

How many photos should I send?
Ideally three snaps are enough, i.e. a close-up, mid-length and full length.

What are the selection criteria?
OMA believes in “WHITE is WHITE and not BLACK”. If you have the true potential OMA will dedicate itself for you. OMA does not believe in wasting your hard earned money, if you don’t fit the bill.

How will OMA help me?
At OMA, Modeling is serious business. We tell you the truth behind becoming a successful Model. Modeling like any other profession requires dos and don’ts and OMA teaches you the right way. OMA modules are tailor-made to enhance your career in Modeling and Life.

Is there a fees involved?
Yes, there is a fees involved.

What am I paying for?
Once you get enrolled at OMA, we undertake to enhance you in all aspects, the Walk, Talk, Beauty Pageant Grooming, Style, Personality, Behavior & Mannerisms, Wardrobe Management, Coping up with stress, Stage Presence, Public speaking and much more.

OMA prepares you to take on any challenge with full confidence. Our main aim is to assist you in your chosen path with honesty.

Will I get work via OMA?
OMA is training and grooming academy. With customized modules OMA assists you in everything that makes a successful model. Also, at OMA you get firsthand experience of preparing yourself for national and international beauty pageants.

Does OMA groom only the models?
OMA is dedicated towards modeling and National / International Beauty Pageants. OMA also conducts Personality Development classes.

Who is eligible for the Personality Development Course?
The above course is open to all and anybody who wishes to enhance their personality can join. The idea is to impart, educate and empower everyone with the power of Personality

Modeling Assignments

The female models, male models and child models promoted by Indian ocean model have many testimonials & Success stories to tell. They have been doing numerous Print-Ads, T.V. Commercials, T.V. Serials, Music Albums, Fashion Shows, etc. for leading brands of India.